The Independent Physicians Network

The Interchange Collaboration

Interchange works in a collaborative effort with physicians, facilities, and ancillary services that optimizes the building of your business or practice in today’s healthcare. The Interchange referral network is an exclusive IPN created around your business or practice with complimentary physicians, services and facilities.

The Interchange Vision

Interchange’s Exclusive Independent Physician Network selects and prescreens like-minded Physicians with the same vision and goals. We increase your patient network that will allow your business or practice to grow up to 500% and increases your patient care. Our IPN protects the Independent Physician by providing a collaborative referral Network with our Team’s practice building expertise. The success, future and growth of your business and practice is now protected within the Interchange referral network.

The Interchange Experience

The Interchange Team and its years of experience and recent research has forecast the future of health care providers by recent changes in the industry. San Diego healthcare systems amongst other counties are creating their own consortium of Skilled Nursing, home health, mobile physicians, and ancillary vendors to work within their own secure network, thus creating patient retention, and monetary gain.

Interchange in forecasting this future in the industry sees that your patients and clients will likely find themselves confused with the health care system, have a lack of loyalty and eventually get lost in a larger conglomerate network. In this present patient care transition with larger conglomerates adding more service they will be forced to give less patient care and have more control on who the patient is cared is under to control profitability. In the conglomerate world, patient control means less patients for you the Independent Physician and your business or practice.

This is why it is vital in today’s changing Health Care that collaborating with the Interchange Independent Physicians Network will allow you to build your business or practice and will protect and keep the retention of your patients and clients by providing a collaborative team that refers within. Ultimately allowing physicians, practices and business to focus on optimum health and wellness for patients.



As larger conglomerates plan to control the future of patients by adding more services in their system of health care. The actual result will be …


Interchanges Physicians Network
provides a collaborative team that
refers within allowing you to build
and protect your business or practice …


The cost to hire, maintain and manage employees to build your business can cost you up to 10 times more and take years longer than The Interchange Physicians Network …